Alcoholics Anonymous, Area 81 - NB, PEI Archives

Area 81's Digital Archives Project is currently digitizing the archives collection; for the most recent news about the project see:

User Interface (preliminary) from the demo March 17:

demo of Archive interface 1
demo of Archive interface 2
demo of Archive interface 3

Why an Area 81 Assembly Archive?

There is both a need and an obligation to save the history of our Fellowship within our Area. To be preserved for present and future generations.

"It is highly important that the factual material be placed in our files in such a way that there can be no substantial distortion…"
—Bill W., A.A. co-founder, 1957.

Archives Policy on Contributions

The Area 81 Archives is supported financially by Area 81 Assembly and the fellowship. We do not engage in buying or selling of historical materials; because our finances are limited. We cannot justify spending A.A. limited funds to acquire material for the Archives. In keeping with Tradition 7, we do not accept contributions from foundations, educational grants or other sources outside of A.A. We gratefully accept contributions from members of archival materials related to the history of A.A. in the Maritimes and Area 81 NB - PEI. We also accept old Grapevines and old A.A. books published by GSO.

Research Policy

Research can be done by A.A. members or through the Archivist upon request as set out in Area 81 Archives Policy.