Our Response to Covid19


Covid19 has had a significant impact on in-persons meetings. At one point, with the Covid19 restrictions, all in-person meetings in New Brunswick and PEI were suspended. Many in-person meetings are beginning to take place again because restrictions are starting to ease. Some groups may have specific instructions about how to operate when you get there. In general face masks are not required but social distancing is. And you cannot bring food and perhaps drinks inside. Information about these in-person meetings will be posted to the Get In Touch and Meetings page on this site. If your group is having in-person meetings again, please update your District's pdf meeting list. The send that new pdf meeting list to webmgr@area81aa.ca so that the information can be uploaded to this site. The priority, of course, is always the safety of the people attending these meetings.

For those that cannot get to in-person meetings it is recommended to attend some of the online meetings Information about online meetings will be posted to the Get In Touch and Meetings page on this site.

It is important to note that the Area 81 AA Office has no authority over any AA District or Group. As such Area 81 cannot impose any policy on the Districts or Groups in NB or PEI. Each individual group is following the guidelines set forth by their host facility. The facility where an in-person meeting is held is in turn following the guidelines from their Public Health Authority: NB, PEI. AA World Services also has some guidance on coping with the Covid19 situation.