AA Work with Treatment Centres

Serving the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in Canada

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A.A. Treatment Centre Service

A.A. works with Treatment Centres to help alcoholics transition to a sober life. Since its beginning in 1935, the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has cooperated with treatment facilities. Bill W. himself was a product of a treatment facility - Towns Hospital in New York City. After he had finally put together several months of sobriety, Bill returned to Towns to try to work with other alcoholics. This was the beginning of A.A.'s Twelfth Step work in hospitals. A.A. helps the alcoholics in treatment centres with activities such as:

  • With approval of administration, takes A.A. meetings into treatment settings within its area.
  • Encourages the participation of local A.A. groups with A.A. meetings inside the treatment centre.
  • In some areas each A.A. group has a representative on an A.A. Treatment Committee.
  • Coordinates temporary contact programs, such as Bridging the Gap.
  • Arranges purchase by A.A. and distribution of A.A. literature for these groups and meetings.

More Information About A.A. Treatment Centre Service

There is a great deal of information about Treatment Centre work provided by A.A. World Services via their site at

A.A. Video for Healthcare Professionals Video: Three medical professionals describe how A.A. can help patients and also serve as a vital resource for those in the healthcare field.
A.A. in Treatment Settings Shares experience of treatment facility administrators and of A.A.s who have carried the message into these facilities.
A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Request Requesting a temporary A.A. contact upon your release from treament or prison
A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional Information about the Fellowship and describes some approaches that health care professionals use in referring problem drinkers to A.A.
Bridging the Gap Between Treatment and A.A. Through Contact Programs A program to help alcoholics transition from treatment to life on the outside.
A.A. Member - Medications and Other Drugs Report from a group of doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. members share their experience with medications and other drugs.
Problems Other Than Alcohol Bill's thoughts on the status of drug addicts within A.A.
Where Do I Go From Here? We alcoholics stick together to overcome the disease of alcoholism.

Information For A.A. Members in Treatment Centre Service

A.A.'s collective experience gives us some insights about how to carry the message into Treatment Centres. There is lots of information provided by AA World Services via their site at

Treatment Committees Guidelines for working with treatment facilities
Treatment Committee Workbook Workbook for working with treatment facilities
A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Volunteer Requesting to volunteer for the Bridging the Gap program