For Area Officers

For Area Officers

Information is provide here for Area Officers, such as

Area Assemblies

Area Officers, District Committee Members (DCM's), and General Service Representatives (GSR's) meet 4 times a year to conduct area business. The Pre-Conference Session is a one-day session, held in March of each year, and is a precursor to the General Service Conference, which is normally held in New York in April of each year. The Area 81 General Service Delegate attends this conference on our behalf, and conveys the wishes of our area on important matters during this time. The Area Officers meeting takes place in August.

Area 81 holds two Area Assemblies which consist of a full weekend of business meetings, as well a "roundup" of AA meetings, speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and social activities for those who may not be involved in service work at the area or district level. These assemblies are held in May and October of each year, and can be hosted by any district that wishes to bid on one.

Elections of area officers are held in October of odd numbered years, with the new officers taking office in January following the election. Officers are elected for a two year term. Officers positions, and their responsibilities can be found in the General Service Manual and the Area 81 NB/PEI Service Structure and Operating Handbook.

Area Documents

Area Contacts

General Service
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Alternate Secretarytbd@tbd
Alternate Treasurertbd@tbd
Alternate Registrartbd@tbd
Alternate Archivestbd@tbd
Area Web
Alternate Web Managertbd@tbd
Area Corrections and
Alternate Corrections and Treatmenttbd@tbd
Area PI/
Alternate PI/CPCtbd@tbd
Area Literature and
Alternate Literature and Grapevinetbd@tbd
District 1
District 1 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 2
District 2 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 3
District 3 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 4
District 4 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 5
District 5 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 6
District 6 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 7
District 7 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 8 DCMtbd@tbd
District 8 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 10 DCMtbd@tbd
District 10 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 11 DCMtbd@tbd
District 11 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 12 DCMtbd@tbd
District 12 Alternatetbd@tbd
District 13 DCMtbd@tbd
District 13 Alternatetbd@tbd

Upcoming Area Events

Information about upcoming events is available at Event Information,

Committee Workbooks and Guidelines

A.A. publishes workbooks and guidelines for A.A. service work.

A.A. Service Manual All of the basic service principles and procedures are outlined.
Public Information Workbook Workbook for carrying the message by getting information about AA to the public
Public Information Guidelines for carrying the message by getting information about AA to the public
Speaking at Non-A.A. Meetings Suggests what to say and how to say it when asked to speak to organizations outside the Fellowship of A.A.
For Volunteers Staffing an A.A. Exhibit Guidelines for volunteers staffing an A.A. exhibit
A.A. Answering Services Guidelines for operating a telephone and email answering service.
Internet Guidelines for A.A. on the internet
Cooperation with the Professional Community Workbook Workbook for cooperating with the health care professionals, lawyers, clergy and other professionals
Cooperation with the Professional Community Guidelines for cooperating with the health care professionals, lawyers, clergy and other professionals
Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends Bill explains the importance of cooperating with doctors, social workers, etc.
Treatment Committee Workbook Workbook for working with treatment facilities
Treatment Committees Guidelines for working with treatment facilities
Corrections Workbook Workbook for working with corrections facilities
Corrections Committees Guidelines for working with corrections facilities
Cooperating with Court, D.W.I. and Similar Programs Guidelines for cooperating with court, D.W.I. and similar programs
Carrying the Message into Correctional Facilities Basic information for A.A.s who speak in correctional facilities.
Archives Workbook Workbook to help make the history of the organization accessible to A.A. members and other researchers
Archives Guidelines for collecting, preserving, and sharing the rich and meaningful heritage of our Fellowship
Literature Committees Guidelines literature committees
Accessibilities Workbook Workbook on making the A.A. message more accessible
Central or Intergroup Offices Guidelines for operating central or intergroup offices
Conferences, Conventions and Roundups Guidelines planning and running conferences, conventions and roundups
Finance Guidelines for how to manage finances in A.A.
Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix Suggests ways of apportioning group contributions to support various service entities